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We design impressive sites for businesses. No nonsense, always on the cutting edge

The combination of our passion for design, code & interaction positions us in a unique place of the web design world.

7 Years

Of  experience with the various types of business

300+ Projects

Were successfully completed right on time

100+ Clients

Are satisfied and recommend us to their friends

8 Talents

Are united by one vision and passion for their work

Our values

We create projects for the sake of people, their convenience and comfort. Our dream and vision is to do high-quality work that will bring joy and satisfaction to our client and his consumers



The cornerstone of the company is to be honest. We believe that this quality is extremely important in building a long-term relationship, which is why you can count on our sincerity and transparency in all processes. Based on this, the company formed the principle: "We earn money FOR our clients, not ON our clients”.



All processes in our agency take place under the strict supervision of experienced specialists in the field of web, graphics and development. We constantly invest in our development and qualifications. That is why you can fully rely on our expert opinion.



We have consistently high standards for our own projects, so igorev guarantees you a high quality product. We create functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasant sites, just like you need.



We care about our reputation, therefore, during the work process, we guarantee compliance with all terms and agreements. Detailed and accurate distribution of responsibilities both within the team and the client is an important component of our work.



Thanks to the knowledge of the theory of building websites and constant presence in the digital environment, we know how to combine the basic principles of design and the latest trends. Modern technologies, in turn, allow us to expand the functionality and capabilities of your site.

Our story


The way to the agency

Our story begins in the distant 2007, at the time of flash animations, raster graphics and rapidly growing freelance platforms. The participants of this story are leading experts in website design and interface development, who were aware of the need for quality design and complex solutions in the post-Soviet market.

That is how the future company igorev.pro started it's way. The main mission of the future agency was to create comprehensive web solutions for any type of projects.


Long-term partnerships as a reliable foundation of business

In 2015, the igorev.pro agency was officially founded. The company reached a stable level of quality and built long-term relationships with it's partners, some of which still exist. We're proud that among our partners there were such well-known brands as Unilever, Amway, Colgate, Sauro, Shiawasedo, OpenBank.

Such organic growth encouraged the founders to look wider and scale the company's work, which brought them to a decision to rent a local office in the center of Cherkasy. This step helped to establish better communication within the team and expand the number of staff.


Covid-crisis and adaptation to new conditions

The next period became a difficult test for both: not only for the igorev team, but the entire planet. The Covid-19 pandemic canceled all the agency's plans and dictated new conditions for living, working, and doing business. It caused a decline in business development in our region and, as a result, a decline in the volume of projects for our team. However, these difficulties only made the company better and prompted to review the format of work and reevaluate the commercial offer.

Processes within the company were optimized. Among the team, only the most motivated members were remained. Our development methods have also undergone changes, the company has chosen No-code development as its main course. In this way, we avoided a significant part of operating and personnel costs and started our cooperation with the Tilda Publishing platform.

This, in turn, allowed us to create an offer adapted to the new conditions, which included a product for a potential client that was faster in terms of development time and more affordable in terms of budget, but no worse in terms of quality.


Full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine

The enemy trespassed on the territory of Ukraine. As a result, a complete stoppage of businesses and enterprises, disorientation, stupor and hopelessness. However, extreme working conditions are not new to our team, as we already learned the lesson of adapting to crisis conditions.

The first thing we had to do is to cut all the ties with the aggressor country. Unfortunately, we had to end and transfer some of the partnerships built over the years. We also ended our cooperation with the Tilda Publishing platform, on which we have developed dozens of sites. We have provided each of our clients with a backup copy of the site for its subsequent transfer to another CMS.

However, we did not want to deviate from the chosen course of No-code development, so it was decided to choose an alternative development platform. We were one of the first to master the visual code editor WebFlow and started our work only 2 weeks after the start of the war. This allowed us to raise the quality level of our sites and support Ukraine in a difficult period. In addition, we had a complete rebranding and redesign of the site, which now aimed mostly at the Western client.


Confident forward movement and continuous development

Today we continue to work diligently and support our country. The story of igorev.pro is another prove, that every new challenge is just an opportunity for us to grow.

Our team

Arsen Igorev

Arsen Igorev

Serhii Yurkovskyi

Serhii Yurkovskyi

UX/UI Designer
Yana Zelenko

Yana Zelenko

Project Manager
Vitalii Shuliak

Vitalii Shuliak

Front-end Developer
Valentin Romanenko

Valentin Romanenko

Illia Synelnykov

Illia Synelnykov

UX/UI Designer
Maxim Igorev

Maxim Igorev

Graphic Designer
Denys Letuchii

Denys Letuchii

Project Manager